Bespoke shoemakers Vickermann & Stoya

The shoemakers from Baden Banden, Matthias Vickermann and Martin Stoya, have been making handmade products of the highest quality since opening their shop in 2002. Combining traditional craftsmanship and modern design, each pair of shoes is unique and made to last.

Matthias and Martin are both masters of the craft, having studied it extensively from an early age under the guidance of their father. They specialize in making shoes for all occasions, whether you need a comfortable pair for everyday wear or something special for a formal event. Their shoes are designed to be comfortable and durable while still looking stylish.

The duo has received numerous awards for their work over the years. Their commitment to quality and passion for making beautiful shoes has also resulted in them being featured in many international fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Magazine and Elle France.

Vickermann & Stoya is a family business that combines the knowledge and experience of generations with modern technology to create unique pieces, crafted with great attention to detail and care from the finest materials. From hand-stitched leathers to exquisite detailing, Matthias and Martin strive to produce shoes that will last a lifetime while staying stylish

Thanks to their hard work, Vickermann & Stoya is now established as one of the leading shoemakers in Europe. Their commitment to excellence has earned them loyal customers around the world who keep coming back for their exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style.

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